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5 Reasons why IPhones are better than Android Phones

Even though the large price the functions and software make up for that. These amazing pieces of modern technology are the best so far. 

1) you can mute the camera shutter whenever-

When I had a Samsung Phone I couldn’t mute the shutter but on my IPhone I can just put it on silent when necessary. 

2) No Crap-Ware

No added junk apps are added by the manufacture or carrier provider. Not many people buy their phones from Google because they want a good contract or deal. 

3) Only one series of models

With only a few models app providers can test their apps on each model to provide the best apps that work with every model. Android, on the other hand, can’t do this because there are estimated over 8,000 android models out their. 

4) Apple Store

Android users do not have this service but when for example your lock button doesn’t work you can take it back and receive a new phone in around 15 minutes. Without paper work it’s quick and easy.

5) The one guy Jeremy 

There’s always this one guy who has a Samsung Galaxy and says it’s amazing but no one likes that guy.